A Day in New York City

NYC-2 My first weekend in the city is over and I can officially say that I’ve shopped in SoHo, been to my first ever PRIDE parade and walked so much I honestly thought my feet might fall off. The last three days have been filled with an array of adventures, but my favorite was an afternoon trip to Williamsburg (an area in Brooklyn) where we explored the streets + went to flea markets, and let me just tell you, these markets were AMAZING.

The first place we went to had a ton of creative items for sale. I’m talking truly unique. The entire time I’m walking through this place I’m thinking, “how did these people come up with this stuff and why didn’t I think of that?” There was one vendor who made jewelry from vintage doll eyes and another that made greeting cards out of flower seeds, which grow into a colorful arrangement once the card is planted. Again, why didn’t I think of this?!

NYC-3 After we were done there we went to another market called Smorgasburg, which is located on the waterfront of Prospect Park. It was filled with even more vendors (I was obsessing over the items in the top two pictures), and had rows of food tents. Somehow I managed to stick with a huge glass of lemonade, even though I was eyeing the doughnuts on more than one occasion (and the Thai noodles, and the mozzarella sticks, and the mango on-a-stick). After we were done drooling over the food and lusting after the cool trinkets, we went and sat by the water for awhile to relax and chat. After all, life chats are the best chats, aren’t they?

NYC-7 We ended the day with a sunset stroll around Dumbo, which if I must say, was the cherry on top of a perfect afternoon. This day was so special to me and I almost felt sad as time passed because I wasn’t ready for it to end just yet (all thanks to my close friend, Leah, for showing me around). It was perfectly simple and reminded me how important it is to appreciate the little things when you’re in a sea of constant activity.

 I’m leaving the city feeling more inspired than ever and can’t wait to take that inspiration with me to Boston for the next few days. What inspires you?

With love,

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  1. Your post makes me want to visit New York! Great blog! I think you are an amazing, beautiful, young women. I look forward to reading future posts and seeing your adorable pictures.

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