DIY Shelves

DIYHangingShelves-5These beige walls just aren’t cutting it anymore.

I’ve been looking for ways to spice up my bedroom decor and found these fun shelves from Why Don’t You Make Me while I was scrolling through Pinterest. The best part? I made both of them for under $20! DIY decor is always a good idea, people.


-What You Need-
Metal rings (I got mine from Walmart, you could also use shower curtain rings)
Some type of string or cord (I used a suede cord from Hobby Lobby)
Wood planks (mine are 5.25 in x 12 in)
Drill (to make holes)
Spray Paint (this is optional, the plain wood would look great too!)

DIYHangingShelves-1-2 DIYHangingShelves-2-2

Step 1: After you have spray painted and drilled four small holes in each corner of the wood, take the cord and cut four pieces. Remember to cut double the desired length since you will be folding it in half for the knot.

Step 2: Take two pieces of the cord and fold them both in half. Loop the cord around one of the metal rings and then pull the hanging strings through the loop. You should have a knot and four pieces of string hanging.

DIYHangingShelves-3-2 DIYHangingShelves-2

Step 3: Take one of the four strands and put it through a hole in the wood board. Tie a knot and repeat until all four strings are secured to the board.

And that’s it! This was seriously so easy to do and took me around 15 minutes to complete. Once you’re done, hang them on your wall using nails, push pins, or command hooks. Add some fun trinkets to decorate or use the shelves to store lightweight items.

DIYHangingShelves-4-2 DIYHangingShelves-5 DIYHangingShelves-5-2 DIYHangingShelves-6

These shelves are so simple, yet they add so much to my walls. I made the string longer so they would take up more wall space, but they would also look nice with less length. I hope you try these out and that they add a little spice to your walls too!

With love,

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