Dutch Braids

SummerHairstyles-22 I know what you’re thinking, and chances are, I was thinking the exact same thing the first time I saw them.

When I first saw someone wearing dutch braids, my original thoughts were, “that’s not really my style” and “I couldn’t pull it off anyway.” Even though I wasn’t thrilled about these braids, I still really wanted to like them. Once I thought about why I couldn’t get myself to wear them, I realized it was because they’re completely out of my comfort zone. Well my friends, there is nothing better than self-improvement, so what did I do? I forced myself to wear them until I was comfortable doing so. The results— loads of compliments and a hairstyle that saves you from the hot summer sun (say goodbye to sweating your hair damp)! I’m serious though, I now love these braids and they’re SO easy to complete. Keep reading to see how you can get my look!


1. Start by splitting your hair down the middle so you end up with two separate sections. Do a normal three-strand braid on both sides of your head and then tie it off with a hairband. I would recommend using a clear elastic, but if you don’t have any, don’t worry! I completed this look with a normal hairband and it still turned out.


2. Take one of the braids and position it on top of your head. You may have to twist the base of the braid a little so it lays flat. Throw in a few bobby pins to keep the braids in place, but make sure you keep the hairbands in! This will assure the braids don’t start falling out until you are ready to fully secure them.

SummerHairstyles-193. Once you have both braids loosely secured where you want them, start putting in bobby pins anywhere that may fall out. There’s no technique to this part, I just slide them in in different places. Once the base and middle of the braids are secured, you can take out the hairbands and bobby pin the ends in place as well.

You’re going to be using a lot of bobby pins and nobody likes the look of small metal things poking out everywhere. Rather than sliding the bobby pins in on top, try to grab the bottom layer of the braid with them so that they are hidden underneath. This is a little more difficult with the ends of the braid, but it just takes a little messing with.

SummerHairstyles-25 SummerHairstyles-26

3. The last step is to mess it up! That’s right, we don’t want our braids too perfect. Pull out some strands of hair around your face to make the look a little more casual.


I love this hairstyle because it looks complex, but in reality it only takes around 10 minutes. Throw on a summer dress and some lacy sandals and you’re ready for a summer day.

I hope you like these dutch braids and try them out yourself! Let me know how your braids turned out in the comments below.

With love,

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