I wanted to post a few pictures from my recent trip to Colorado before the time got away from me. A couple friends and I drove up through the mountains and stopped in Georgetown—a quaint little town with all kinds of character.

Despite the fact that the snowstorm going on made it just about the most picturesque holiday town I’ve ever encountered, it actually was a beautiful place to visit. We walked in and out of shops (most of them small and family-owned with a bunch of fun knick-knacks), sifted through books at the library’s book sale, admired the colorful old houses and drove far up the mountain until the closed roads made us turn back. I overheard a woman saying the trains weren’t running due to the snow and that’s why there were so few people visiting this particular day, which honestly I really enjoyed because it felt like we had the whole town to ourselves! Except unfortunately, that meant that a lot of the shops were closed (no tourists, no business… I’d take a “daycation” too if I were them!).

I can see why so many people pass through Georgetown on their way to the slopes. It felt like the perfect blend of small-town bliss and history, but also wasn’t too far outside of Denver. That sounds like the perfect blend if you ask me…

With love,

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