Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I’ve never participated in a Nordstrom Anniversary sale. That was, however, until I realized what exactly is a part of it.

Every year Nordstrom gives crazy deals on new fall items (I’m talking half-off crazy) for just over three weeks and then raises the prices back up to retail for the fall season. Today marks the first day of the sale, but not everyone gets to participate yet. Check the dates below to see when you can start shopping!

July 14
The sale starts for those with early access. This means that if you have a Nordstrom card (both credit and debit grant you early access), then you could’ve started shopping this morning. And yes, all of us who denied those persistent cashiers to open a Nordstrom card are squirming in our seats right now.

July 22
General access officially starts.

August 8
Prices go back up. So don’t waste your time! If you want those dream shoes that are half-off, will last you years and probably cost more than a month’s worth of food, I say go for it (clearly I’m the wrong person to give financial advice). A good pair of shoes is always justifiable.

Even though I will not be buying everything I want (still recovering from my East Coast splurge), I will definitely be looking for a few fall staples that I can buy on a budget. I’ve picked some of my favorite things from the sale and am sharing those with you today. Even if my style isn’t yours, anyone can find something that works for them. Happy shopping!

-Shop My Picks-
Drape Front Vest
Peep-toe Booties
Leather Jacket
Shoulder Bag
Jo Malone Fragrances

With Love,

P.S. I know I said I would do another braided hairstyle, but the Nordstrom sale was too good to pass up. Check back again next week for my favorite summer braids!

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