Skin Care Tips From an Esthetician

skintips-1I am SO excited to finally be sharing this with you guys! While I was in New York City, I got the chance to interview Diane Avitable, an esthetician who talked to me about all things skin care. She gave me loads of information and I learned so much about taking care of my skin. So, grab a snack (or five) and get comfortable, because this is something you need to read!

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My Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials-1-4

I am the queen of overpacking. There, I said it. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? My thought process is the more stuff I pack, the more prepared I am for any situation I get myself into. I end up staying an extra three days? No worries, I brought an additional five outfits “just in case.” Flight delays? That’s okay, I’ll just pull out both books I brought, because what if I read more than I expected and finish one before my trip is over? The weather is unpredictable? Good thing I packed sunny day shoes, cloudy day shoes, rainy day shoes, busy day shoes, lazy day shoes… you get the idea.

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