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I am the queen of overpacking. There, I said it. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? My thought process is the more stuff I pack, the more prepared I am for any situation I get myself into. I end up staying an extra three days? No worries, I brought an additional five outfits “just in case.” Flight delays? That’s okay, I’ll just pull out both books I brought, because what if I read more than I expected and finish one before my trip is over? The weather is unpredictable? Good thing I packed sunny day shoes, cloudy day shoes, rainy day shoes, busy day shoes, lazy day shoes… you get the idea.

Now I’m not completely oblivious, I know this overpacking problem hurts me in the long run, and I really am trying to improve, but there are some things that I REFUSE to leave at home. It’s healthy to have a few key items to consistently bring every time you travel (at least I like to tell myself that). With my trip to Boston and the Big Apple coming up in a few short days, I’m going to share the things that keep me looking and feeling extra good while I’m away from home!

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1. Detoxifying Face Mask

We all know that flying affects the skin, and more often than not it’s in a negative way. My skin is dry one second and extremely oily the next, and don’t even get me started on the breakouts. I always bring a face mask to give my skin a detox the first night of my travels. One that I really like is the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask because it pulls out all of the gunk that has settled into my pores. Plus, it comes in a travel size, so it’s perfect for your bag if you strictly stick to carry-ons.

2. Oil Absorbing Sheets

These things have saved my life (and my makeup) more times than I can count. I’ve used oil absorbing sheets since I was 15 and am still just as obsessed with them today as I was five years ago. These are perfect for the days where you need a little touch-up, but want to leave your powder compact at home.

3. Travel-Sized EVERYTHING

It makes things so much easier when you bring travel-sized products on vacation… think of all that extra space! I get most of my miniature goodies from my Birchbox subscription, but if you don’t have that or something similar, then many brands will sell travel-sized sets. Or you can head over to Target and find all of your travel needs in one spot.

4. Travel Apps

It’s obvious that I would have my phone with me at all times, but remember, you can use it for more than just selfies and social media. Some travel apps that have come in handy for me are City Maps 2Go Pro and Google Translator. Use City Maps 2Go Pro when you’re in an unfamiliar city and need a detailed map + Google Translator when you’re submerged into a culture and need a little help with the language.

 What are some of your travel essentials?

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